Issue Date: Car Dealer Insiderr Apr 1, 2006, Posted On: 2/15/2007

Worksheet will help prevent Customer Concern Not Duplicated (CCND)

Properly employing the Customer Concern Verification Worksheet can go a long way toward reducing the number of times you are unable to reproduce the customer's main problem. Nothing can do more to frustrate the customer or lower your CSI scores than poor handling or interpretation of a customer complaint.

Last month, GM re-published warranty information bulletin #01-00-89-010C, which updated and detailed the use of GM's preferred Customer Concern Verification Worksheet. The purpose of the worksheets is to facilitate better communication between the customer and your technicians.

The worksheets (there are three of them: engine drivability, transmission drivability, and CD/DVD issues) generally cover solid service advisor questioning - the tried and true method of asking what, when, where, etc. The worksheets are helpful as they focus the advisor's attention and might remind them of a certain symptom or environment that might play a role in the customer's concern.

While the bulletin has the work-sheets attached, you can also download pdf files of the sheets off the GM-DealerWorld website under the service tab by selecting "Service Forms."

Back in the November 1 issue of Warranty Administrator, we discussed the rules and regulations of using GM's Customer Concern Not Duplicated (CCND) labor operations.

The worksheets are the best way to systemize your claims process to make sure that the dealership is doing all it can, within GM's guidelines, to narrow and identify the customer's concern.

Download the forms, make copies, and place them in the advisor's area or desk for use with customers. They really can help cut down not only on CCND issues, but they can make the technicians more efficient as they diagnosis the customer's concern.


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