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Getting replacement VIN plates

Talk about the obscure problem - here is a predicament you don't see every day, but it helps illustrate the larger issues of support from GM. A dealership received a vehicle from the carrier and during the delivery inspection someone noticed that the VIN plate for the vehicle was incorrect.

That started a hunt to find out what steps were necessary for getting a replacement VIN plate for the vehicle. The dealership's service manager tried his rep, the Dealer Business Center, and the damaged-in-transit people and none seemed to have an answer. When the manager wrote an e-mail to the Warranty Administrator looking for direction, we have to admit to being at a loss
as well.

However, we suggested that it was possible that the manager just got an unfortunate string of newer employees inside GM, and maybe another go around of phone calls might land a person that might know the answer. It turns out the manager did get someone who knew the procedure and walked him through it.

VIN Plate Replacement Procedures

1.  Requests for plate replacements must be on a current production vehicle and not the result of theft, accident or other damage.

2.  Most state motor vehicle departments have their own system for affixing lost or missing VIN plates to vehicles. When in doubt about a situation, contact your state motor vehicle agency.

3.  Contact our rep and get him/her involved. Again, GM does not want to violate any state requirements, nor do they want to make a situation worse by getting another incorrect VIN plate printed.

4.  Contact the DBC (or actually your rep should do this) once it is decided that having a VIN plate reprinted is permissible and in the best interest of everyone.

5.  At the DBC the "GM VIN Plate Coordinator" (ask for the person by that title) will submit a request to the plant for a new plate.

6.  The plant will send the replacement plate and two rivets to the GM VIN Plate Coordinator.

7.  The VIN Plate Coordinator will send the replacement VIN plate to your rep.

8.  The rep is supposed to coordinate the installation and observe it with you and local authorities (such as the Motor Vehicle Agency, police department or both).

As you can see, it is not a trivial issue to get a VIN plate replaced, but it is possible under special circumstances.


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